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The subprime industry is highly competitive and requires specialized industry knowledge, systems, and capital to be successful. Since 1985, SGC has served the subprime industry throughout the nation with a special emphasis on used car operations. Today, our clients include more than 500 of the nation's largest and most profitable automotive dealers and finance companies, with a particular emphasis on buy here, pay here.

Since 1989, our firm has pioneered the use of related finance companies and other favorable tax reduction strategies for used car dealers. SGC has helped dealers raise more than $500 million in capital and lines of credit since 1990. Our current focus continues to be on capital formation, tax-reduction strategies, and cutting-edge information technologies to help dealers achieve operating efficiency.

Our services complement, not replace, those of your own accountants or attorneys.

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Related Finance Companies

Owning your own related finance company (RFC) can reduce your taxes and help raise capital.

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